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Welcome to the Measure A Website

This website is designed to provide members of the public with information on the Measure A Road Repair, Congestion Relief and Transportation Safety Program.

The website is organized into various sections which include background information on the Measure A program, detailed descriptions of projects and programs included in the Investment Plan, resources such as audits and other documents, information on funding opportunities available through the program and contact information.

What is Measure A?   Measure A Project Updates - 10.25.2013
Measure A is a transportation measure that was approved by 79% of Santa Barbara County voters in November 2008.  Measure A is administered by the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG) and will provide more than $1 billion of estimated local sales tax revenues for transportation projects in Santa Barbara County over 30 years. 

Measure A will relieve traffic congestion and improve safety on Highway 101 by providing $140 million in matching funds to widen the freeway from 4 to 6 lanes south of Santa Barbara.
  The Measure A Investment Plan will also provide $455 million each for the North County and South Coast for high priority transportation projects and programs to address the current and future needs of local communities. 

In both regions, the plan provides funding for:
  > Local street improvements such as pothole repairs and  synchronized traffic signals
  > Increasing senior and disabled accessibility to public transit
  > Building safer walking and bike routes to schools
  > Providing increased opportunities for carpool and vanpool programs
U.S. 101 South Coast Widening High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Project
- Caltrans is working to finalize the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) following the closure of public comment in the summer of 2012 and public outreach and design refinements that have been underway for over a year.
-Caltrans will select a preferred alternative in early 2014 and then certify the final EIR.
Highway 101 Santa Maria River Bridge

- Stage 3 is now complete as of October 2013.  Stage 4, which includes work to install the concrete median barrier and guardrail is underway.
- The project is scheduled for completion in early 2014.

Highway 101 Union Valley Parkway Interchange
- The Union Valley Parkway Interchange improvements are nearing completion.  The overcrossing and ramps are done and final activities such as railing, fencing, lighting, and signing & striping are still to be done.
- The project is scheduled for completion by the end of November 2013.
Union Valley Parkway Arterial Phase III
- The Union Valley Parkway Phase III Extension between State Route 135 (Broadway) and Hummel Drive was completed in October 2013.
- The project includes a new signalized intersection at UVP and Orcutt Road and at UVP and Route 135.
- The project also includes new left turn lanes to local streets and pedestrian and bike improvements.
Highway 246 Passing Lanes
- As of October 2013, the project has completed 95% detailed design development, is nearing completion with right of way and permitting, and is scheduled for construction in summer 2014.
Highway 166 Operational & Safety Improvements
- A California Highway Patrol Enforcement Program for SR 166 (East) was launched in May 2013.  The program is targeted to reduce speeding and unsafe passing during periods of peak travel.
- Traffic and environmental studies have been initiated on two intersection improvements at Highway 1 and Black Road along Highway 166.
- Preliminary Design and Environmental has been initiated on school bus turnouts near Cuyama along Highway 166 (East).
All 3 of the projects are scheduled to be completed between late 2014 and late 2015.
News and Announcements

Measure A Annual Report!
The Annual Report is intended to illuminate the progress made in delivering the projects and programs promised to voters for 2013.

Click here to download the Annual Report as a pdf file.

 Final Measure A Program of Projects

The Final Measure A Program of Projects for Fiscal Year 2014/15 is available for download.  Click here to view the report.

Measure A Documents (pdf)
> Ordinance and Investment Plan
> Strategic Plan
Program of Projects - FY 12/13
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